Amazon Business Owners Who Want To Scale To 7-Figures

Discover how to scale your existing Amazon business To
7 figures and beyond
by finding replenishable items and outsourcing
day-to-day tasks to protect your time freedom.
Discover the secrets of a former teacher, turned incredibly successful, millionaire Amazon seller.
 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON!
Create your sustainable business and have the opportunity to...
  • Remove yourself from the day-to-day operations
  • Achieve complete control of your schedule
  • Cultivate a legacy of wealth
  • ​Finally achieve financial security for your family
At last! Now, you too can quickly and easily multiply your business! Just follow this simple guide and watch your sales skyrocket!
"It's increased my sales by 50%-150%... It's increased my ROI from 25%-100% and I attribute all of this to the Replen class."
"It was an absolute game-changer for me... I MORE than made back the money for the Replen Workshop on my FIRST shipment after watching it."
"My sales in January and February are double what they were in Q4... Thanks to the Replen course."
Dedicated, veteran teachers leverage their Amazon sales to scale to 7-figures
A little birdie told me that you want to know what makes my wife Alysha and I the authority on scaling your Amazon business.

Fair enough!

We were teachers in the past, and we are one of the few voices in this Amazon space that truly understand how to effectively teach people while ALSO being successful 7-figure sellers.
There are teachers, and there are successful business owners... but there are almost 0 people that are both, and that’s what makes my wife, Alysha Jackson and I stand out and dominate this profitable niche.

When we first started out, we were able to turn a $100 investment into more than $180,000 in sales in just 12 months.

That's when we knew it made more sense for us to quit teaching and focus solely on scaling our Amazon selling business.

We've managed to sell over a million dollars worth of products on Amazon and we've created the time and financial freedom we dreamed of for our family.
Now we're motivated and passionate about helping other families reach their Amazon selling goals...
So they can spend less time in their business and more time on their “whys”.
We’ve helped literally thousands of current Amazon sellers...
Overcome obstacles to scale faster, learn and effectively implement systems that enable them to operate in true CEO mode...

Without working more or sacrificing time with their families.
As a current Amazon seller, you don’t have to work 24/7 in order to scale your business past the clearance aisle.
In The Replen Workshop, you’ll learn the exact processes and strategies that two married, former teachers, turned 7 figure Amazon sellers, used to achieve time and financial freedom.

Your Amazon business truly has the potential to grow rapidly if you have the right roadmaps, in-depth guides, and tutorials... so why not go ahead and just get what you need to make that happen?
This is a self-paced workshop that includes over 20 hours of highly in-depth content with everything from hiring employees, reverse sourcing, listing creation, Wholesale to even Tactical Arbitrage training and Xpath creation.

You will learn how to find replen items for your Amazon business, and you will be learning how to increase your sales pipeline.
First, we are teaching you easy-to-follow SYSTEMS so you can scale your Amazon business without compromising your desire for time freedom. 
Next, we are building STABILITY, so your replenishable business can continue to grow and run correctly through outsourcing.
Then, we will show you the exact roadmap we took to SCALE your business and meet every single one of your revenue goals, with less day-to-day work on your part.
 You are a current Amazon seller. Beginners are welcome, but you need to be an active seller and have an Amazon account, and have shipped products in before.
 You are ready to meet new people and network with other large Amazon sellers in a private Facebook group. 
 You can take responsibility to complete the tasks and view the recorded training at your own pace so don’t worry if your kids are around or the dog is barking like crazy. Start and stop whenever you need to!
 You've NEVER sold anything on Amazon before
Isn’t it time you learned the truth about scaling your Amazon business without sacrificing your desire to have time freedom?
If you hesitate today, you’re missing an opportunity to revolutionize your sales and put consistent money in your pocket, even while you are spending time with your family.

And every day you’re not using the valuable information taught in the Replen Workshop, is a day of more missed opportunities and lost income.
Read real results from the Amazon sellers who invested in The Replen Workshop…
We help Amazon sellers scale bigger and outsource by teaching how to build a replenishable business.
“Started selling in November. Took The Replen class in late December. I absolutely would have given up if I hadn’t taken the course. My problem is no longer finding items to sell, it’s now not getting my items to Amazon fast enough”.
 15 Video Training Series giving you the exact blueprint that will show you how to build and scale a replenishable business. 
 Pre-written SOPS + hiring guides, reverse source training, Keepa training, OA and RA advanced tactics, and much, much more!
 Go through the workshop at your own pace.

The Replen Workshop

  • The Basics
  • ​Goal Setting
  • ​Breaking Down the Big Picture of Replens
  • ​Framework For Finding Replens
  • ​Logistics and Tracking
  • ​In Depth Keepa Training
  • ​Tactical Arbitrage Deep Dive​
  • ​RA "Source With Me" Session
  • ​RA Strategies and Processes
  • ​OA "Source With Me" Session
  • ​OA Breakdown Using Tactical Arbitrage
  • ​Reverse Sourcing Breakdown, Strategies, Live Examples, and Stores​
  • ​​7 Breakout Sessions Led By Coaches

BONUS: More Training

  • Building Custom Tactical Arbitrage Xpaths Training
  • ​Wholesale Company Lists and Contacts
  • ​Scaling Your Business Past $40k/month

BONUS: Beginner's Kick Start Training

We put together all of the introductory information that's out there and distilled it down to an easy to follow "Do A, then B, then C..." format. 

For beginners who are having a hard time starting their business or don't know where to go. 

We'll hold your hand through the whole startup process so that you can jump into this business with confidence.

Amazon is hard work... but it doesn't have to be complicated. 

Let us show you the repeatable steps towards a successful FBA start.
Go ahead and purchase The Replen Workshop now...
Try out every tip, trick, and strategy for the next 30 days. 

If you are not absolutely convinced that this is the course that will finally turn you into a profitable Amazon seller, then I’ll refund your money. 

No hassle, no hoops, and no questions. Fair enough?

 Is this for beginners?

While this course is geared towards current sellers, we have included our beginners kick start webinar for free so that even a brand new person can get all caught up to where they need to be to benefit from this.

 I've been selling for years... will this benefit me?

We have multiple 7 figure sellers inside this workshop and their feedback has all been fantastic. Not only am I breaking down my processes, but the guest breakout sessions with some of the biggest names in the industry are sure to teach you some new tricks.

 I live outside the USA, will this still apply to me?

Yes. Basically every single concept is globally applicable. While my specific examples may be from stores unavailable to you, the method that I am teaching remains the same. We also have included a number of wholesale and Xpath websites for folks in Canada and the UK.

 Was this event live or recorded?

Both. We have held this live workshop twice, and both were recorded and are available inside of the private workshop group. While being there live is definitely a fun experience, the recordings have 100% of everything in them

  Do I get access to future Workshops if I buy this?

Yes, as of now all virtual workshops will be held inside of the same private group and you will have access to all of those forever without having to re-sign up.

 I'm a busy stay at home parent... will I have time to watch this and can I even do this kind of thing if I'm stuck at my house with kids all day?

YES! All the content is recorded so you can watch/rewatch things in between nap times. Also, MANY of the sourcing methods we break down are things that can be done from your house without ever leaving your house.

Order now and get inside the door of The Replen Workshop. 

YOU PAY: $397

or 3 Payments of $150

Don’t let the $397 price tag stop you.
Sign up for the payment plan to pay over time, and still get instant access.
MORE results from the Amazon sellers who invested in The Replen Workshop…